How to Remove Snow from Streets: Your Winter Guide

How to Remove Snow From the Roads

As winter approaches, many people start thinking about their impending battle with snow removal. Whether you live in an area that gets heavy amounts of precipitation or only incurs the occasional storm, removing excess snow can become difficult if not properly planned ahead of time. Your best solutions is a snow removal company.

In most cases, removing snow from streets is only permissible if there has been a winter storm warning issued or other declaration of an emergency (i.e., power outage). The exception would be for localized accumulations where two inches or more have accumulated at any point – in these instances, plows may need to come out even before the forecasted accumulation occurs. If your city doesn’t clear its own roads after storms then you should contact them about their policy ahead of time.

Snow Removal Company

First, you need to properly asses the amount of snow you can expect to have during the winter. This will help you determine how much salt and shoveling equipment (or other means) are needed to make sure your property is taken care of.

Next, figure out when it’s best for you or someone else on your team to do the removal – whether that be once a week, every few days in extreme weather conditions, or only if there are two inches or more of accumulation at any point.

Now comes the hard part – actually removing all that excess snow! You can remove it by yourself or choose a snow removal company.

Snow removal company: if you have a lot of snow and not enough time to remove it all yourself, or cannot physically do the job for any reason, then hiring a company is your best bet.

Removing it yourself: this is only possible with smaller accumulations when there are no icy patches on the ground. To save money, wear gloves instead of using heavy equipment so labor may go faster than usual. With larger amounts of snow accumulation use shovels first but then switch over to plows and snow blowers.

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