Professional Multimeter Calibration Services

Professional Multimeter Calibration Services

Calibrate Your Multimeter

Multimeter calibration is a crucial part of any electronic circuit design and research. If the multimeter is not calibrated properly, then measurements may be off by an unknown amount. This can lead to faulty results and inconsistent data that will make it impossible for your company to grow in the future. It’s imperative that you invest in professional multimeter calibration services from San Diego Calibration Lab so you don’t lose valuable time and resources on faulty equipment!

We offer calibration services for many different types of multimeters in a variety of ranges: DC, AC, RF. We offer DC calibrations up to 1000V, AC calibrations from 0-500kA (0-400 Vrms), and RF calibrations that range from 0 dBm to 500 Watts PEP via our state-of-the-art equipment.

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We also provide customizations based on specific needs such as: voltage ranges or frequency ranges for optimum results! Our expertise with this area is unmatched and we can help you achieve the perfect results every time! We also offer customizable calibrations for your specific needs based on the type of multimeter you own or need to use. You will have durable equipment that will last long past today’s market standards while still operating at peak condition.

We also calibrate other instruments, such as: ammeters, volt meters, and ohmmeters. Do you have an instrument that needs to be calibrated? Contact us today!

Also, we offer free pick-u and delivery for calibrated equipment, calibrations in general, and any other equipment we carry. This way you can maintain a worry-free work environment, and completely rely on us for all your calibration needs. Your instruments will be precise, while you focus on the important things.