SPD In The State Parliament: Midyatli Elected Parliamentary Group Chairman

SPD In The State Parliament: Midyatli Elected Parliamentary Group Chairman

The SPD parliamentary group in the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament has a new chairwoman: Serpil Midyatli was elected in the morning. Ralf Stegner was not up for election – he is running for the Bundestag.

85 percent of spd deputies voted midyatli – 17 out of 20. Two voted against her – with one abstention. “It’s an absolute tailwind for me. I am delighted with the trust that has been placed in me,” said Midyatli. She is looking forward to taking the next step, says the 45-year-old. She continues to see herself primarily as a team player. The office is accompanied by great responsibility since, at the time, the SPD Bundestag group chairman is also the opposition leader in the state parliament. As the leader of the opposition, however, one must also specifically point out differences between the parties and problems of the government.

Taking Office On 1 July

Ralf Stegner is reposing of office because he is seeking a Bundestag mandate in the autumn. For 13 years, he was at the head of the Schleswig-Holstein SPD parliamentary group. The farewell is difficult for him. He will miss one or the other in the state parliament, said Stegner, who has borne responsibility in government and parliament in Schleswig-Holstein for a total of 25 years.

But now, there is a turning point. “I’m different in type, so I’m going to do certain things differently,” says Midyatli. Officially, the Social Democrat will take over the highest office in the Bundestag group on 1 July.

Political Goals

In a recent article, she said, “It is particularly important to me that all children can visit the Kita and their parents are exempted from the Kita fees. In this way, we create equal opportunities – regardless of the parent’s wallet. I also advocate a diverse and tolerant society. I am convinced that diversity is linked to opportunities for all. When people seek protection or need help – no matter where they come from – humanity remains my top priority”.

She also added, “I prefer to be on the water. Like here in the picture on the Baltic Sea. As soon as I look at the water, I recover and come to rest inwardly. My thoughts sort themselves out on their own, and when the wind is added, it’s the perfect moment for me. Because the wind blows all the tension out to sea, and I am full of new energy for what is coming”.